Piano tuning hammer

Piano tuning hammer available in 2 versions, each with lacquered hardwood handle in simple version or with interchangeable tuning heads.

  1. Simple non-separable version with star-shaped tuning head in medium length. Suitable for occasional tuning. Total length 260 mm.
  2. Piano tuning hammer with unscrewable metal part. There are 3 tuning head lengths available: short, medium and long. All tuning heads in star-shaped design. The long version especially for grand pianos, the short version for small pianos. If there are no special specifications in the order, we deliver the standard medium version. Total length 370 mm
Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Piano tuning hammer simple design
36,40 €
43,32 €
Piano tuning hammer with 1 x insert of your choice
62,50 €
74,38 €
Hammer head insert separately
48,90 €
58,19 €