Glue box "Rollfix

Ideal for even glue application on wood surfaces up to 130 mm wide. Advantage is also the immediate usability, because at least the glue can remain in the closed box and only in case of longer work interruptions the rollers must be washed off.

A useful aid for edge banding and in instrument making, such as organ building, piano building, guitar building, especially for small block gluing as a time-saving gluing aid. Compared to gluing the surface with a brush, with the Rollfix you get an even and sharp-edged glue application.

The lower roller moves max. up to 2/3 of the diameter in the glue and thus transfers the glue evenly to the upper take-off roller. Due to the closable cover, everything can remain in action without drying out during short work interruptions.

The workpiece is pushed over the upper fluted glue roller and produces a uniform and edge-to-edge glue application. The rollers remain in the glue during short interruptions in use and are protected from rapid drying by the tight-fitting cover. However, during longer interruptions in use, the rollers should be removed and cleaned. The glue can remain in the box and is sensibly protected against drying out by a thin layer of water. It should also be noted that the glue consistency must be adapted to the material to be glued. The stronger the glue application on the wood is desired, the thicker the white glue must be adjusted. If a large amount of glue is required, it is advisable to prepare a larger, appropriately adjusted amount of glue in a separate container and store it for refilling.

It is possible to glue large long and flat parts as well as short small wooden parts.

The Leimfix has a hard plastic box with aluminum rollers with a finely grooved take-off roller for even glue application. The rollers are well supported and allow the use of heavier workpieces.




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Leimfix with white hard plastic box and aluminum rollers
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