PA diaphragm spring complete

Bellows spring with special geometric advantages. This results in a constant pressure on the moving bellows plate. With flat installation, an additional increase in pressure can be achieved.

Plates and guide parts made of aluminum. The external dimensions in installed condition are approx. 200 mm length and 100 mm width. The height at rest is between 65 and 120 mm, depending on the required mode of operation. At 70 mm spring bar distance from the wind-filled bellows plate, the spring achieves approx. 80 N pressure.

Delivery always only in a set of 2 pieces or cheaper from 10 pieces.

New available from 2013: Set of 2 spring extensions Sometimes it seems useful to make the standard parallel spring stronger with additional coil springs. The 100 mm wide plates still offer space to the right and left of the central coil spring. However, care must be taken that the overall stability is not exceeded by the extension. The set of 2 consists of 2 spiral tension springs and retaining parts including wing nuts. The necessary drillings must still be made on the standard spring.

If you are looking for harmonium bellows springs - leaf springs similar to the earlier Laukhuff offer, please contact us.

Installation instructions

BA PA bellows spring.pdf

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
2 x PA diaphragm spring complete together
92,60 €
110,19 €
PA plate bellows spring complete from 10 pieces per piece
43,90 €
52,24 €
Set of 2 spring extensions 2xcoil tension spring incl. mounting parts, nuts
24,80 €
29,51 €