Blanket double fabric

Blanket, the dense cloth for large bellows and for bellows on harmonics in black color.

Double cloth made of 100% polyester fabric with acrylic intermediate layer, only approx. 0.5 mm thick. Weight approx. 540 g per m². Advantage is the double-sided fabric for gluing with leather or the frame.

Handy roll 1,40 m x 0,60 m = 0,84 m².

For required connected parts over 1.4 m in length, we recommend that you order from a minimum quantity of 2 running meters to a maximum of 5 running meters in a production width of approx. 1.4 m. The area will then be billed in m².

For larger needs or for the warehouse we offer you a complete roll with 25 running meters = 35 m² at the large roll price. Domestic transport included in the price.

Single layer blanket extra thin

we can supply for small bellows. This, but one side coated with "rubber" thin and soft black cloth, has a thickness of only 0.1 mm.

Available in small rolls of 0.5 m width and approx. 1.4 m length. Area approx. 0.7 m².

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Blanket extra thin, thin black cloth coated on one side as small roll 0.5 m wide and approx. 1.4 m long = 0.7 m²
26,50 €
31,54 €
Blanket, double fabric inside rubberized black endless 1.4 m wide per m² from 2 rm
36,80 €
43,79 €
Production roll with 25 rm = 35 m² blanket/double fabric black in roll width 1,40 m - roll price -
1.040,00 €
1.237,60 €
Blanket, double fabric inside rubberized black small roll 1,4x0,6 m (0,84 m²)
34,20 €
40,70 €