Soft micro cork sealing strip

With a good 3 mm thickness, this soft and dense microcork material (EVA) is ideal for connecting seals of wind tunnels or as a ring seal for flat lids.

As a strip with a width of 15 mm and a length of 120 cm, this seal is ready for immediate use, can be easily cut to the desired length and can also be butted. Gluing can be done with wood glue. When butting, the thickness of the connecting strip should be checked and the end edges should also be glued for tightness.

This material is also available in small rolls for the production of own strips or for desired surface dimensions.

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Sealing strip made of microcork (EVA material) approx. 3 mm thick, 15 mm wide and 120 cm long
1,60 €
1,90 €