Circle cutter type 00

For drilling holes in sheet metal, adjustable for diameters from 30 - 200 mm.

In addition, with knife no. 6 HSS/E and corresponding steel holder, also drilling in plastic and pressboard up to 30 mm material thickness with both cutting edges. Cutting possible. Can only be used in stationary drilling machines.

Scope of delivery: circle cutter with straight shank diameter 12 mm, knife and steel holder for sheet metal, sep. knife and steel holder for plastic, safety ring made of plastic and center drill D=6 mm.

Extra long knife with special steel holder available as accessory. Knife with carbide tipping for max. material thickness of 70 mm with both cutting edges. Cutting.

Only for sheet metal working we can supply the basic unit with protective ring. See offer below. Design see photo above.

From remaining stock we still have some large ZOBO drills in stock, which we offer as long as stock lasts for a special price. Large ZOBO

We also have a 6-piece assortment of large sawtooth Forstner bits with diameters 75/80/85/90/95/100 mm at a special price.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Circle cutter type 00 cyl. shank 12 mm complete incl. knife no. 6 and holder
410,60 €
488,61 €
Extension extra long HM knife with special steel holder
148,10 €
176,24 €
Spare knife no. 6 HSS/E
28,90 €
34,39 €
Circle cutter type 00 for sheet metal working only
295,50 €
351,65 €