Korg OT 120

Universal tuner with needle indicator for equal temperament and some hist. tunings. Tunings like Werkmeister III, Kirnberger III, Valotti, Young, Kellner...

Accuracy +/- 1 cent, measuring range A0-C8, reference tone in 2 volumes C2-C7, concert pitch setting A4 from 349 - 499 HZ in 1Hz steps. Built-in microphone and incl. batteries (2 x AAA) with device soft case.

Size/Weight 74x120x36 mm 193 g with batteries.

Separate contact microphone and power supply 9 V available as accessories!

For permanent pressing of the manual keys we can offer you a key holding block. Further we offer you the so called automatic key press. For more information please click on the colored term.

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Korg OT 120 tuner w. built-in. Microphone
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