Polishing steels semicircular with wooden handle

We can offer you a medium and large polishing steel semicircular with wooden handle for large lab work or for polishing up prospect pipes.

The medium polishing steel is already highly polished. The large polishing steel is pre-ground and has to be polished by yourself with lubricating gel paper, fine polishing cloth and fine steel wool.

Polishing steel medium with wooden handle highly polished 14 mm wide and without wooden handle 150 mm long Polishing steel large with wooden handle only pre-polished 20 mm wide and without wooden handle 200 mm long

Narrow and smaller polishing steels with and without high gloss polish can be found by clicking on polishing steels.


Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Polishing steel blank wide 200 x 20 mm with lacquer. Wooden handle
16,50 €
19,64 €
Polishing steel semicircular mirror polished 150 x 14 mm with lac. Wooden handle
28,90 €
34,39 €