Wind pressure gauge electronic

Very accurate pressure gauge with digital display with 1 mm WS resolution.

Well suited for all wind pressure measurements on organs, as it can be used quickly and is also informative in case of wind pressure fluctuations.

Differing readings of 1 - 3 mm WS are often due to the bellows system and should not cause concern. Manual instruments cannot measure these deviations due to inertia.

Measuring range -250 to +250 mm WS
Accuracy 0.6 % EW (corresponds to +/- 0.6 mm WS at 100 mm WS)
Resolution 1 mm WS
Housing 160 x 85 x 31 mm plastic
Measuring cable Measuring hose with special tube (Cat. No. 32050)
Adjustment 0-point correction
Battery MN 1604 9 V - service life approx. 100 hrs.

Delivery incl. measuring hose with special tube in padded case.

Technical note on the so-called zero point

The above instrument is a differential pressure gauge. The absolute pressure, which is influenced by the altitude above sea level or by the weather, therefore has no effect on the measuring result, provided that the instrument has been adjusted to the zero point before the measurement. It should be noted that the instrument is not used for a short time after a change of strongly fluctuating ambient temperatures, otherwise the measuring element will be influenced by the temperature still prevailing in the instrument. Please let the device acclimatize for some time before measuring. We hope that this background information will answer certain questions.

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Wind pressure gauge electron. 0 - 250 mm WS with hose, all in case
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