Drilling jig

Special drilling device for pocket holes. Pocket holes allow in a simple way a super fastening method without disturbing corner bars or metal angles.

With this drilling jig from Triton incl. stable metal clamping fixture with knee lever for exact holding of the workpiece, the special drill bit and a hand drill, you have everything you need for this neat and quick connection method. This tool idea from the USA, already tested there in many variants, you will find here as an optimized tool. Compared to other suppliers this tool is completely made of metal and therefore more robust, especially for professional use. Furthermore, the drill guide can be moved in height and thus allows an adjustment of the wood thickness.

In organ building, ideal for fixing top grid supports on the stick, case joints, cross beams, supports, polygonal towers, etc. In carpentry and joinery ideal for easy joining of panels, mitered parts on corner benches, picture frames, table frames, cabinet parts, drawer frames, etc. In addition, everywhere a useful connection technique, which should not have any disturbing screw heads, etc. on the visible side. Very good also applicable without large workshop machines, on assembly, in the woodworker area, etc. Can also be super used in gluing instead of non-existent clamping devices, since connecting screws act directly over the workpiece and not over additional angles or corner strips.

Can be used for wood thicknesses from 16 to 38 mm, wood widths from 45 mm, double hole spacing fixed at 20 mm and free spacing possible in each case by moving the material. With the Triton device, the height adjustment of the pocket hole means that it can always be screwed to the center of the material thickness. Furthermore, this device has a suction nozzle for the accumulating drill dust.

For detachable connections, instead of the self-tapping special screws that are included and can be reordered, you can also replace them with round-head screws.

A really practical device that allows you to connect wood parts permanently or for loosening very easily! For only occasional use in assemblies or for testing purposes, the single or double mini jig at a small price are well suited.

If you are looking for a drilling jig to drill overhead for dowel holes, recessed spots, etc., we recommend our ceiling drill rig. More info by clicking here.

Supplied with special drill bit, drilling depth stop, some suitable mounting screws for detachable high quality screw connections. Device in metal design for professional use.

A simple device for professional fast work in furniture construction, also ideal for furniture parts that can be disassembled again.

For application questions we are also available by phone!

Please understand that we supply spare parts and consumables for this device only to customers who have also purchased the device from us.


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103,50 €
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Spare special step drill HSS 9.5 mm
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500 pcs special screw self-tapping 30 mm
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Single pocket hole drilling jig with step drill, drill depth stop and accessories
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