Telesteps combination ladder

This innovative ladder is ideal for interchangeable use in service and assembly work. When folded, only approx. 70 x 70 cm and 20 cm thick. Optimal transport and stowability in the vehicle.

The professional ladders with patented and safe sliding and latching system made of a strong very stable but light aluminum alloy are characterized by high quality.

The flat 90 mm wide steps are very advantageous for longer standing. A wide lower crossbar guarantees a safe stand of the ladder. The side carrying handle lets you easily carry the folded ladder like a suitcase.

Many advantages that this Danish innovative ladder product offers you. Otherwise known problems with standard ladders, started during transport, in vehicles etc. are quickly forgotten with these ladders.

Telesteps combination ladder is available in 2 sizes: In each case number of steps of one side of the trestle ladder plus 2 steps protruding on one side.


Stile length/

Working height

Trav. width



TSKL 6+2 2,30/3,60 m 0,61 m 0,71 m 14 kg
TSKL 8+2 3,00/4,20 m 0,69 m 0,78 m 20 kg

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