Tongue bending forks

Reeds of various sizes and thicknesses can be machined with this special tool "System Jann".

Due to the parallel round rods, uniform machining over the entire reed width is possible. By twisting the fork when pulling the reed through, the various throw-ups can be produced or reduced. The various throw-ups can be produced or reduced by twisting the fork when pulling the reed through. Small reeds can be held at the nut end with a so-called wide steep file block. Large reeds are clamped on one side, e.g. on a table edge or a suitable auxiliary block. For certain finishing work, it is conditionally possible to leave the reed on the throat.

We deliver the sets together with an application film from the inventor.

NEW is also only the 3pcs. set without the big reed fork available. Later, if necessary, the large tongue fork can be ordered separately. The other sizes are only available as a set.

To remove us throats from the nuts, we offer you NEW a "throat remover set". By clicking on the colored term you will be redirected to the corresponding article page.

Delivery of the sets with a user video (DVD) from the developer.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Set tongue bending forks 4pcs. w. User video
169,70 €
201,94 €
Set tongue bending forks 3pcs except big fork w. user video
136,50 €
162,44 €
Large tongue bending fork alone without application video
59,20 €
70,45 €