Drilling machine holder for punch

For larger punching inserts and corresponding material, the use in a slow-running pillar drilling machine is a sensible processing variant. The insert then cuts more and is particularly recommended for soft resilient materials such as rubber, etc.

The speed of the pillar drilling machine must be adapted to the material.

The upper photo shows the drill holder for sets up to 50, 59 or 60 mm. This is screwed into the punch holder plate instead of the hammer handle. For the set up to 30 mm, the drill holder incl. the punch receptacles is analogous to the hammer handle. See the photo as clamped in the drill press chuck. Please note this when ordering.

Please also note our punching pad for optimal clean punching even thin materials.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Drilling machine holder for punch up to 60 mm
53,80 €
64,02 €
Drilling machine holder for punch up to 30 mm
55,80 €
66,40 €