GL material lift up to 3.10 m lifting height

The GL material lift with standard chassis and standard forks is an ideal material lift for loading and unloading and also for assembly purposes especially of smaller equipment up to a height of 3,10 m. The large hard rubber rear wheels (20 cm) allow the lift to be transported quickly even over stairs, similar to a hand truck. Double steerable 5 cm casters are mounted at the front of the standard chassis. The lift can also be easily loaded into any suitable vehicle. For this purpose, you will find additional small rollers at the top, so that the lift can be easily moved on the loading area. In transport condition you need the dimension 170 x 63 cm and 89 cm depth or height in case of lying transport (projection of the standard chassis and the standard forks).

The GL Material Lift is made of steel and aluminum and can be optimized with various accessories. The GL Material Lift is made of steel and aluminum and can be optimized to your requirements with various accessories, such as parking brake, rear pneumatic tires, ladder, etc. Accessories only together with equipment order possible!

We deliver domestically free of charge. Therefore we have included 80,-- Euro for transport and packing in the price of these devices.Thank you for your attention in price comparisons!

If you wish the GL material lift with higher lifting height GL 10 up to 3,56 m or GL 12 up to 4,20 m or with pallet chassis or with counterweight, we ask for your inquiry.

If you are looking for a general overview of our various lifting devices, please click here. If you are looking for an overview of our different lifting devices, please click on the following linkLifting/Transporting in our digital catalog.

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Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
GL 8 Standard for max. 3.10 m height max. load 181 kg incl. inland strp. (80 Euro)
1.840,00 €
2.189,60 €
GL 4 Standard for max. 1.80 m height max. load 227 kg incl. inland strsp. (80 Euro)
1.620,00 €
1.927,80 €