Tuning horns with wooden handle

Tuning horns turned from brass. Brass handle with attached wooden handle screwed into head and foot part. As an accessory we recommend the so-calledhammer attachment for the use of these above head and foot parts as a tuning horn hammer.

For permanent pressing of the manual keys we can offer you akey holding block. So that you do not need a 2nd person to press the keys when tuning, variousautomatic key pressers are now available. For more information please click on colored term.

If you want to store these tuning horns sensibly, we recommend thetool roll bag.

Designation Diameter



total length
large wide 32 mm 44/31° 310 mm
small wide 21 mm 44/30° 280 mm
large narrow 25 mm 36/25° 310 mm
small narrow 16 mm 37/23°

270 mm

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
large tuning horn wide with wooden handle
52,60 €
62,59 €
small tuning horn wide with wooden handle
39,80 €
47,36 €
large tuning horn narrow with wooden handle
44,90 €
53,43 €
small tuning horn narrow with wooden handle
36,10 €
42,96 €
4pcs set of tuning horns with wooden handle
165,00 €
196,35 €