Bellows leather - cowhide nappa leather

The alternative to strong sheep nappa leather, if the leather does not have to be white!

We offer this yellowish natural colored cowhide nappa leather with a thickness of approx. 1.1 - 1.5 mm for high-quality bellows leathering of mainly larger bellows such as magazine bellows or float bellows from 1 m edge length. This cowhide is stable and tear-resistant and has the necessary flexibility for such an application. Our nappa cowhide is vegetable and thus nutur-tanned and has a sensible regreasing. This means that the leather can be glued and still be protected against environmental influences such as moisture fluctuations and dirt. After initial leathering, this leather does not need to be regreased immediately in its open areas. However, it is recommended that the open areas be checked during maintenance at least every 5 years and then regreased if necessary. Leather is particularly exposed to drying out when used openly in windy areas and, like any piece of leather clothing, should always be protected with grease. We can offer this leather in half skins approx. 2.7 - 3.5 m² in size as a minimum quantity. With these cowhide skins leather lengths up to 2.0 m are possible.

NEW we can offer you gut strings with D=2,5 mm +. Ideal for bellows hinges on large wedge bellows. Sh. in addition gut strings

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1 m² bellows leather - cow nappa leather thickness 1.1/1.5 mm - minimum quantity of half skins approx. 2-3m²
49,50 €
58,91 €