Standing infrared heating plate

for placing directly behind the organ bench, leaning against the nearby lower case of the organ, a nearby church wall, parapet or rear positive. However, the distance to the rear edge of the organ bench should not be more than 10 - 20 cm. Can also be placed anywhere with our metal feet.

High-quality black-brown oak decor panel with all-round edges in 2 sizes at the same price. With vertical heating plate in 50 cm width and 120 cm height, with horizontal heating plate in 70 cm width and 90 cm height. Our 60 x 30 cm infrared heating panel with a thickness of just 7 mm is fitted in the upper area. Ideal for direct irradiation of the back of the organist sitting on the organ bench. The vertical panel also reaches the back of the seated organist's neck, while the horizontal panel reaches the back of the organist with a little more lateral flexibility when seated and a clear view of the nave. The horizontal line in the background of the photo shows approximately the height of the bench seat.

Other panel sizes, possibly with several heating panels next to each other, or our basic sizes in other decors such as light grey, white or oak, are available on request with a slightly longer delivery time (not a stock item). Please ask us.

The 19 mm thick plate stands directly behind the pedal piano on the floor or, in the free-standing version, by means of the steel feet. In all versions, the heating plate is at the appropriate height from the top edge of the organ bench seat. You can find more information on the heating plate used by clicking on Surface heating plate.

The screen panels can be supplied with or without plug-in metal feet. The plug-in heavy metal feet are painted black and covered with black felt and are supplied in pairs. When using the plug-in feet, the panel can be stored separately from the feet to save space when not in use.

Delivery only possible via a specialist organ builder! Please note that advice, delivery and installation by the organ builder is not included in our price.

Organ builders please ask us for your specialist dealer price.


Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Pair of feet for steel heating plate above
62,60 €
74,49 €
standing heating plate with vertical infrared heating plate at the top 120 x 50 cm
285,00 €
339,15 €
Vertical heating panel with vertical infrared heating panel top 120 x 50 cm incl. pair of metal feet
340,00 €
404,60 €
Upright heating panel with horizontal infrared heating panel top 95 x 65 cm incl. pair of metal feet
340,00 €
404,60 €
Upright heating panel with horizontal infrared heating panel at the top 95 x 65 cm
285,00 €
339,15 €