Tongue Throat Expander

For the revision and professional cleaning of reeds, the appropriate device is often missing.

With this throat reamer set, put together by organ builder Ludger Wiemers, a professional device with suitable tools is available for the smallest to largest reeds.

The stable trestle made of veneer plate with a V-shaped opening for the different throat diameters and a suitable collecting box is the basis for an efficient and gentle separation of the throats from the nuts. Various cylindrical metal pins with diameters of 6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 and 25 mm are available as ejectors. In order to reach also throats in nuts which have a soldered-on shank or, in the case of smaller tongues, a soldered-in cup, the ejectors are available with various extensions. Threaded extensions up to approx. 1300 mm are available. Furthermore, 2 screw-on handles are available for diameters from 10 mm.

The set has been developed from practical experience and takes into account the occurring application variants. For more information on the application, please see the instructions for use below as a pdf file or the small application film, which you can call up below.

For transport, everything is stored in the 350 x 250 x 150 mm collection box. Including the expulsion set in a rolling bag, the set weighs just under 10 kg.

Here is an application video that you can watch on your own responsibility via the following link on Youtube. Video Throat Expander

For english readers:Video Remove tongue throats

We offer another interesting tool for tongue intonation under the term "tongue bending forks" . By clicking on the colored term you will be redirected to the corresponding article page.




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