Windchest milling machine

For many years, this ideal milling device with a high-quality, powerful Scheer HM 18 E hand router was an ideal aid for machining windchest bodies to create valve slots, oval loop holes or to drill the loop holes.

Unfortunately, this is no longer offered by the manufacturer! As a replacement, rail guides from various manufacturers can be used. Milling and circular saw manufacturers can be used as a replacement. Another alternative is the use of CNC routers for woodworking. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide quotations.

The following information from the "windchest milling device", which is no longer available, can serve as a basis for further considerations for alternative purchases:
The guide rail for the milling carriage allows 900 mm travel. The docked milling carriage for the router has a travel of 380 mm. The two outriggers allow the device to be fixed at any point on the wind shutter body.
The guide rails are hardened and fitted with ball guide bushes to ensure smooth, precise movement of the router without play.

Components of the previous windchest router:
1 guide rail for router carriage
2 outriggers for right and left, each 1000 mm long
1 router carriage with mounted Scheer hand router HM 18 E (router on request)
4 adjusting rings to limit the length
4 tilting clamping levers GR 1
2 fixing screw clamps



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