Stationary wind pressure gauge

Round pointer instrument made of metal with 50 cm connected transparent plastic tube with outer diameter 9 mm. Outer diameter instrument 63 mm. Reading graduations at intervals of 1 mbar = 10 mm WS.

This wind pressure gauge is useful as a stationary pressure gauge. By removing the protective glass, the respective pressure position of the pointer can be noted directly on the scale for each bellows or movement. Independent of the pressure defined as "mm water column", the respective pressure is thus fixed when leaving the finished organ and can be checked quickly and easily at each service. However, it is important that the measuring device, which is adjusted to the respective organ, is always available for the control measurements and thus remains fixed in the organ.

The background of this measuring and control variant is the fact that mobile measuring instruments are only suitable for control measurements to a limited extent due to their respective tolerance. Control measurements are intended to prevent unintentional changes in the wind pressure due to technical changes in the bellows springs, bellows weights or other influences, and thus also the organ tuning. With a wind pressure control device that stays with the organ, uncertainties due to measuring errors of different changing measuring devices are minimized. Especially for new or overhauled organs the use of such a stationary wind pressure control device should be planned.

Please also note our new larger capsule pressure gauge with better reading and accuracy under Cat. No. 33010

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Stationary Wind Pressure Gauge - Capsule Pressure Gauge
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