Hot wax syringe small

Restore also you with this time-saving and extremely effective method the wood parts attacked by the worm. The liquid wax can be easily injected into the cavities and thus causes not only the closure but also a strengthening. Historic or proven substance can thus often be saved and does not need to be replaced.

The hot wax syringe liquefies the hard wax, which is available in sticks. By applying pressure to the rod, you inject the wax into the cavity by placing the nozzle on the wormhole. Compared to other methods, this syringe allows you to penetrate the wax deep into the wood. It is recommended to remove the worm meal by sucking or blowing so that the wax can penetrate well.

Hot wax syringe smalltogether with 50 pieces of wax sticks. The hot wax syringe is a simple syringe suitable for wax without automatic material feed, which we are still optimizing for this purpose. Operating voltage 230 V 50 Hz Supply line 1.5 m cable with Euro flat plug

Further wax sticks for the small hot wax syringe or our professional large hot wax syringe can be found under cat. no. 96105 to 96250.

Hints for dealing with woodworm infested objects Wood parts infested by woodworm or the so-called common nail beetle often cause concerns about further spreading or the use of chemical agents, which can subsequently evaporate into the room air.

The first basic evil are the larvae of the so-called woodworm, which were distributed in large numbers in small wood cracks or shrinkage cracks, etc. by a fly that develops from the later woodworm. These can survive for years in poor environmental conditions without problems in the wood. Only when ideal conditions such as high humidity and low temperatures prevail, they develop further to the woodworm, which then feeds on dry wood and its components and does not even come to the surface for the time being. Only some time before the stage of pupation to the said fly, the latter bores the visible hole. Visible holes, however, do not automatically mean that there is still an active infestation. The best detection sign is woodworm meal that has freshly trickled out.

To combat the larvae and the woodworm, in addition to the chemical cudgel, there is also the possibility of heating the wood in appropriate heat chambers slowly and with constant equalization of the wood moisture content to at least 55 ° C. The core parts of the wood must also be heated. However, the core parts of the wood must also reach this temperature for at least 1 hour so that the larvae and the woodworm die. Smaller parts can possibly be subjected to this procedure in a sauna.

If the wooden parts stand for a winter in a room permanently heated with a central heating system, the pests will also die, because the humidity is too low and the permanent temperature above 20 ° C are not good conditions for the woodworm.

If the above treatment options are not feasible, chemical control agents can also be used, either by painting, dipping or injecting into the worm tunnels. Specialized companies also offer fumigation in special chambers.

With all treatment methods, it is advisable to subsequently seal the wormholes, at least on the surface. This also makes it easy to determine whether the infestation has been eliminated by observing new worm meal. If chemical substances are injected into the holes, the displacement partially prevents unwanted evaporation into the room air.

To close the worm holes, we recommend our hot wax sprayers, as the hot wax creates a very good bond with the remaining wood and the hole remains permanently closed.

If you need a wax for the optical correction, the so-called final touch, then we recommend the wood repair wax. This serves possibly by mixing versch. colored waxes to the adjustment. Technical hole filling, as with woodworm holes, does not make sense with this wood repair wax.

Useful tips for working with wood can be found at

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