Zeva hammer soldering iron

Soldering iron with round sliding soldering piece holder. Without soldering piece, the soldering iron is very light due to the aluminum head and handle made of plastic. The head angle is 102 degrees and allows ergonomic operation depending on the type of use. Rubber cable with plug for 230 V.

Delivery in 3 heating strengths always complete with nickel-plated standard soldering piece, without pictured energy regulator.

NEW we can offer you a square, chrome-plated soldering piece with a soldering area of 15 x 15 mm for the soldering iron size H15.

USA version in 110 V with corresponding plug available on request or as remaining stock.

If you are looking for a general overview of soldering irons and regulators, please click into our digital catalog via the following link Metal Pipe Making.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Zeva hammer soldering iron H 20 US 280W/110V - Remaining stock -
347,40 €
413,41 €
Zeva hammer soldering iron H 15 180 W 230 V
195,60 €
232,76 €
Zeva hammer soldering iron H 20 280 W 230 V
235,80 €
280,60 €
Solder piece square for Zeva H 15 15 x 15 mm
27,30 €
32,49 €