Slitting pliers for rolling beards

With these slitting pliers, you can even attach e.g. mounting slots for the roll bit axles directly to the soldered side bit. Thus, the height of the roll bit can be determined directly during voicing. Furthermore, the slitting pliers with a width of only 1.5 mm are ideal for re-soldering metal pipe ends torn by the tuning horn. Thus, the slit can eliminate the crack and be filled again with solder.

A total of 3 versions are available:

Small slitting pliers blank with plastic covered handles slit length 8 mm, slit width 1.5 mm.

Medium slotted pliers blank with plastic-coated handles in 2 slot lengths slot length 10 mm, slot width 3 mm square slot tip slot length 14 mm, slot width 3 mm square slot tip

All pliers are equipped with expanding spring and have a total length of approx. 130 mm.


Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Slotted pliers small slot size 1.5 x 8 mm
22,60 €
26,89 €
Medium slitting pliers blank slit 10 x 3 mm
26,80 €
31,89 €
Medium notching pliers blank slot 14 x 3 mm
49,80 €
59,26 €