Brass voice iron

Available in 3 lengths as heavy duty and light duty. Made of brass flat material with milled hook. Hook depth approx. 6 mm, edges well cleaned and partially rounded. Surface cleanly plastered and ground. For your orientation, please find below in the article lines information on available lengths and approximate weight.

Available individually or as sets.

For pressing the manual keys during tuning work, we can offer you a key holding block and the so-called automatic key pressers. For more information please click on the respective colored term.

Laser engraving inscription

For the assignment or as advertising, we can offer you the inscription with laser or with the engraving cutter. From 5 pieces of voice irons of versch. Sizes, this makes sense in terms of price. Either we use the standard font "Arial" or you name us a usual font. The price per piece from quantity 5 pieces and word length up to 60 mm, please see the listing below. Longer fonts are possible on request.

If you are interested in further engravings or lettering, please click on laser cutting or engraving milling.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
MS voice iron 15x5 mm heavy 300 mm long approx. 170 g
14,30 €
17,02 €
MS voice iron 15x5 mm heavy 400 mm long approx. 230 g
15,90 €
18,92 €
MS voice iron 15x5 mm heavy 500 mm long approx. 290 g
17,50 €
20,83 €
MS voice iron 12x3 mm light 300 mm long approx. 80 g
12,40 €
14,76 €
MS voice iron 12x3 mm light 400 mm long approx. 110 g
14,20 €
16,90 €
3pcs set MS voice iron heavy
45,00 €
53,55 €
5pcs MS voice iron set light and heavy
68,00 €
80,92 €
Laser engraving in lettering length max. 60 mm per piece from 5 pieces
6,50 €
7,74 €
Engraving with cutter in font length max. 60 mm per piece from 5 pieces
8,00 €
9,52 €