Hot wax syringe large

Professional gun for efficient work. This is a high-quality hot glue gun with material tank, which is suitable for use with wax and can be regulated for the various types of wax from 30 - 100 ° C. Wax types can be regulated from 30 - 100 ° C.
The outlet control via the gun handle makes it possible to work with just one hand. An approx. 10 mm long special nozzle made of brass in wormhole size allows you to work with pinpoint accuracy. An automatic temperature monitor prevents the wax from overheating and can be adjusted at any time depending on the working speed or type of wax. It can be parked safely using the magnetic base or the stand. The large, tight-fitting material container is filled with either wax granulate or wax in other small-format parts. The tight-fitting melting and material container allows a certain amount of pressure to be applied to the material, so that it can also be injected deep into empty wormholes.

Supplied with injection nozzle and 230 V AC electric connection cable without wax.

Wax granules of our special restoration wax and wax sticks for the previously offered professional hot wax syringe Cat. No. 96200, can be found by clicking on the colored text line. For occasional use only, we recommend our small hot wax syringe with the thin wax sticks.

Instructions for handling woodworm-infested objects: Wooden parts infested by woodworm or the so-called common nail beetle often cause concern about further spread or the use of chemical agents, which can subsequently evaporate into the room air. The first fundamental problem is the larvae of the so-called woodworm, which are distributed in large numbers in small cracks in the wood or shrinkage cracks etc. by a fly that develops from the later woodworm. These can survive in the wood for years under poor environmental conditions without any problems. Only when ideal conditions such as high humidity and low temperatures prevail do they continue to develop into woodworm, which then feeds on dry wood and its components and initially does not come to the surface. Only some time before the stage of pupation into the said fly does it drill the visible hole. However, visible holes do not automatically mean that there is still an active infestation. The best way to recognize it is woodworm meal that has just trickled out.

To combat the larvae and the woodworm, in addition to the chemical club, it is also possible to heat the wood slowly to at least 55°C in appropriate heating chambers with constant compensation of the wood moisture. However, the core parts of the wood must also have reached this temperature for at least 1 hour so that the larvae and the woodworm die. Small parts can possibly be subjected to this procedure in a sauna.

If the wooden parts are left for a winter in a room that is permanently heated with central heating, the pests will also die because the humidity is too low and the permanent temperature of over 20°C is not good conditions for the woodworm.

If the above treatment options are not feasible, chemical control agents can also be used, either by painting, dipping or injecting into the worm burrows. Specialist companies also offer fumigation in special chambers.

With all treatment methods, it is advisable to close the wormholes afterwards, at least on the surface. This makes it easy to determine whether the infestation has been eliminated by observing new worm meal. If chemical substances are injected into the holes, the sealing partially prevents unwanted vaporization into the room air.

To close the wormholes and also to consolidate empty wormholes, we recommend our hot wax sprays, as the hot wax forms a very good bond with the residual wood and the hole remains permanently closed.

If you need a wax to visually correct the surface, the so-called finishing touch, then we recommend a normal wood repair wax. This can be color-matched by mixing different colors. It is not suitable for filling technical holes as with our special wax.

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