Reamers for electric drill

With these conical reamers made of HSS or simple tool steel and an appropriate hand drill, holes in wood materials, solid wood, metal sheets or plastic can be enlarged without much effort. Please ensure that the speed is appropriate for the material! In organ building ideal for adapting the grid board holes to the pipe foot size. Due to the extension, vertical hand machining is also easily possible next to other pipes.

Reamer conical diameter 10 - 25 mm on a length of 117 mm incl. extension with cyl. shank D=13 mm for clamping in standard drill chucks. Total length 380 mm.

Reamer conical diameter 3 - 12 mm on a length of 70 mm. Extension with chuck for bit holding 245 mm long.

Simple reamer diameter 3 - 12 mm on a length of 90 mm. Can be clamped directly into a hand drill chuck with the cyl. shank D=13 mm. Made of mild tool steel. This reamer can also be extended itself by a steel tube or a wooden handle.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Reamer conical 10 - 25 mm incl. extension 380 mm long
107,40 €
127,81 €
Extension holder approx. 240 mm shaft 13 mm
16,90 €
20,11 €
Reamer conical 2 - 12 mm on approx. 70 mm for drill chuck mounting
68,20 €
81,16 €