Stainless steel pulp disc

New type of pulp washer made of stainless steel for sealing windchest drain wires.

The advantage of this pulp disc is the inner hole of the sealing and guide disc made of Liegelind, which is adapted to the wire diameter. The stainless steel pulley has a larger hole (approx. 6,5 mm) and is therefore independent of the draw-off wire.

We offer the sealing and guide disc with two different inner holes. Inner holes. Diameter 1.8 mm for wires from 1.5 - 1.65 mm and 2.2 mm for diameters up to 2.0 mm. The advantage of this type is also that threaded trigger wires can be pushed through without any problems. The minimal air between wire and inner hole edge does not cause any noticeable wind noise.

The stainless steel pulp disc with a height of 5 mm is neutral and heavy enough even in problematic environmental conditions. In case of humidity fluctuations, a change of the inner hole compared to pure felt, leather or cashmere cloth is not to be expected. To prevent the Edelstal pane from slipping, it must be permanently bonded to the sealing and guide pane. This can be done before or during installation.

The standard diameter of 20 mm (pulp 18 mm) is suitable for most trigger pitches. If a smaller diameter is required because of a narrow pitch, we can also offer a washer with a diameter of 10 mm and a height of 10 mm on request. This has a sealing washer with D = 12 mm and has the same weight because of the double height.

Instructions for use

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Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Stainless steel pulp washer D=20 mm with enclosed washer for take-off wires 1.5 -1.65 mm
1,45 €
1,73 €
Stainless steel pulp washer D=20 mm with sep. washer for take-off wires up to 2.0 mm
1,45 €
1,73 €