Wood tap

Cutting tool for internal and external threads in metal version with wooden handle, consisting of tap and die. Very good stability and quality.

Available sizes diameter/threads per inch (25.4 mm)<br/>10/9, 13/8, 16/7, 19/6, 22/5.5, 25/5, 28/4.5, 32/4, 38/3.5, 44/3, 50/2.5, 62/2 mm/threads per inch.

Please inquire for sizes not listed.<br/>Custom sizes with specified pitches for restorations and replacements also available. Please inquire and we will clarify the price for a custom tap and die stock or just a tap.

Working tip: The woods to be machined should be short-fibered and at least moistened for machining. It is better to soak them in oil, preferably for 12 hours. However, it is then no longer possible to continue working with a coating of varnish.

For the thread size 13 mm we offer below round bars made of yellow teak, a fine-pored hardwood. This wood can be worked excellently and can also be stained and polished well.

Special threads: During restorations, wood thread screws that have a different thread pitch appear again and again. We can also have taps made for these special threads according to a sample. You can then use this special tap to make your own suitable die stock with our "die stock blank" for occasional screw production.

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Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Wood tap compl. D=10 mm
149,60 €
178,02 €
Wood tap compl. D=13 mm
150,60 €
179,21 €
Wood tap compl. D=19 mm
158,60 €
188,73 €
Wood tap compl. D=25 mm
222,40 €
264,66 €
Wood tap compl. D=16 mm
152,60 €
181,59 €