Soldering iron controller 230 V

Soldering iron regulator for power control of connected soldering irons or other ohmic consumers.

AC voltage regulator for consumers up to 2000 Watt in metal housing, protective contact socket, control knob, fine-wire fuse, connection cable pluggable for 230 V, control knob 0 - 250 V phase control for free standing or screwing onto a plate. Input voltage 100 - 250 V AC (cable only for 230 V EU sockets). Only suitable for dry rooms! Dimension outside 190 x 112 x 75 mm, own weight 1050 g

For interrupted soldering work such as adhesive soldering or lid soldering, etc., the use of a temperature-controlled soldering iron is recommended. We can offer you such a device for temperatures up to 400 ° C. For more information please click on temperature controller.

If you are looking for a general overview of soldering irons and controllers, please click on the following link Metal Pipe Making in our digital catalog.

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soldering iron regulator DR 2000"AC voltage regulator" max. 2000 W resistive load with 230 V EU connection cable
89,90 €
106,98 €