Mobile electr. working platform up to 5 m working height

Ideal mobile working platform for working heights from 2.0 to 5.0 m. Optimal for fast and constantly changing assembly operations, e.g. in rooms, halls or even outdoors, without having to use a ladder with little good footprint every time.

Basic unit with a footprint of only 1.10 m x 0.68 m with 4 movable castors. Entry height approx. 25 cm. Total height when retracted only 1.90 m. So this working platform fits through every normal and even extra narrow room door. Platform electro/hydraulically adjustable from entry height to 3.0 m. Basket for 1 person plus tools with max. 200 kg. Dead weight 150 kg incl. 4 pcs. removable load weights with additional 60 kg. Without weights only 90 kg dead weight. Very well transportable on a car trailer or truck with loading ramp or lifting platform. Transport wheels are also available as accessories for tipping the unit and transporting it in a horizontal position.

Battery operation 12 V with 230 V charging cable.

Platform dimensions inside 0,50 x 0,70 m for one person + tools/materials for version 200 HD. Version 120 HD total load max. 120 kg and without side outrigger.

Lifting speed 10 m/min = travel time to full working height only approx. 20 sec. High flexibility due to battery operation. Further equipped with up and down scanner operable from the working platform. Additional key switch to prevent unauthorized use. Emergency stop switch and automatically locking "doors" increase safety.

Ideal tool for assembly and repair work at height with safe footprint. It can be quickly used everywhere where otherwise mobile scaffolds would have to be erected or trestle ladders would have to be used.

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In Germany we deliver this device free of charge! The shipping costs of approx. 150 Euro are included in our price.


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