Melting furnace for tin/lead

These high quality Collin melting furnaces are made to order with capacities from 40 - 1000 kg. Electric, gas heating optional.

Sturdy steel construction with heat-insulated boiler and manually operated agitator. Steel stairs for charging and exhaust hood available.

Delivery of the melting furnaces completely ready for operation with electric control box for all switching elements.

If you are looking for a so-called tin sample, please click in our digital catalog on page 29.

Special advantages of these melting furnaces:

  • by means of a permanently installed temperature sensor, the furnace sets you the optimum casting temperature for any alloy
  • by means of the manually operated bottom valve, the casting slide can be filled directly without slag, thus no risk of accidents due to transport.
  • Lead vapors can be discharged directly above the furnace.
  • Melting process does not have to be monitored.
  • ..........

If you are interested, we will be pleased to give you further information and to submit you an offer according to your requirements. Please ask us!

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