Foot hole mandrels

For measuring and widening metal pipe foot holes. Mandrel turned from brass or steel with line markings of the versch. Diameter

Brass foot hole mandrel with lacquered wooden handle. Wooden handle Mandrel diameter 0 - 20 mm Total length approx. 250 mm

Brassfoot hole mandrel combined mandrel diameter 0 - 22 mm with inner cone worked into the grip piece with angle 60 degrees for coulping small metal pipe feet. Total length approx. 200 mm

Foot hole mandrel thin made of steel with lacquer. Wooden handle Mandrel diameter 0 - 5 mm with markings at half millimeters from 1.5 mm diameter. Total length with wooden handle approx. 200 mm

Hole measuring gauge made of flat steel with millimeter scale is ideal for quick measurement of even out-of-round foot holes. You can find this by clicking on hole gauge



Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Foot hole mandrel made of MS 0 - 20 mm with wooden handle
46,30 €
55,10 €
Foot hole mandrel combined 0 - 22 mm made of MS
53,60 €
63,78 €
Foot hole mandrel thin steel with wooden handle
21,70 €
25,82 €