Slicing tool with 3 knives

This useful tool, similar to a ripper hook, is highly valued by voicers and metal pipe makers.

The laterally ground knives and flat knife backs are, like the ripping hook in the tool itself, form-fitting and precisely fixed with a retaining screw. The shorter (approx. 35 mm) and the longer (approx. 50 mm) interchangeable knife is ergonomically installed at an angle and can be easily removed for sharpening.

This slicing tool is popular for clean re-cutting of metal pipe slices, as it can be used on both pull and push to the corners even slices restricted by beards. The flat backs of the knives allow exact parallel recutting.

Total length 260 mm Interchangeable knife I with approx. 35 mm usable length Interchangeable knife II with approx. 50 mm usable length Interchangeable ripper knife with approx. 50 mm usable length

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Slicing tool 260 mm lg. with 2 knives and ripping hook knife
325,50 €
387,35 €