VacuPress complete system professional

The complete vacuum press with transparent bag for optimal monitoring of gluing. An inexpensive gluing press that enables surface gluing with the additional benefit of form gluing etc. through the simple VacuPress method and can also glue curved or curved surfaces with support forms. In the complete system Profi we deliver pump and bag together in appropriate size. The rotary pump extracts approx. 10 m³ per hour and is well sufficient for single bags. The pump works maintenance- and oil-free and is designed for 230 V alternating current.

We offer the vacuum bags made of transparent polyurethane with the large thickness of 0.75 mm in a complete system in 5 sizes. The specified bag size corresponds to the max. gluing area with up to 40 mm material thickness.

The complete system includes the vacuum pump and the selected bag with closures, connection hose, repair kit for the cover and detailed working instructions.

Please also note our offer of a hobby press systemCompact100. You can also find more information undervacuum bags andvacuum pumps.

At Youtube you can find an interesting user video under the following link (Use does not take place by us.)

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