HSS conical twist drill

3pcs. assortment conical HSS drill bits with hexagon bit holder for secure clamping in drill chuck or bit.

D = 5.0 mm tip D=2.0 mm 50 mm conical useful length 75 mm D = 4.7 mm tip D=2.0 mm 40 mm conical useful length 65 mm D = 3.5 mm tip D=1.8 mm 30 mm conical useful length 50 mm

These drills can be used for many applications. Pre-drilling for screws or conical wooden nails is conceivable. Can also be used in organ building for conical holes on mechanical parts etc.

If you are looking for a general overview of our range of twist drills, please click on the following link twist drills in our digital catalog.

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3pcs. assortment conical HSS twist drills 3,5 - 5 mm
38,40 €
45,70 €