Keypress and remote manual - the basis for cost savings in voicing

These devices for pressing the manual keys have been developed as an extended arm of the voicer or tuner. The work can be carried out by a specialist alone via the radio button or, in the case of voicing work, via the so-called remote manuals. The tuner or voicer can largely work without a second person to press the keys. When voicing, the voicer can even work directly on the pipework alone; a second specialist is not tied down and can carry out other additional work.

This key depressor for manual keyboards has a magnet for each manual key. This means that each key can be pressed individually or together at intervals for manual tempering or even in full fingering from a distance with the remote manual. The fast, accentuated touch of this technique is particularly praised for voicing work.

The magnet-manual attachment is placed on the keyboard jaws with the height-adjustable feet on both sides so that the magnetic plungers just rest on the key. In action, the magnet then presses the respective manual key via the plunger. The manual range and key spacing must correspond approximately to the BDO standard, as the distance between the magnets can only be minimally readjusted to a limited extent.

There are various Variants are available for the keyboard ranges. For example, manual attachments are available for 54, 56, 58 or 61 keys or with strong magnets for sluggish keys (possibly necessary when coupled*). In exceptional cases, the basic version for manual keyboards with 56 keys can also be used for 54 or 58-key keyboards, whereby either 2 magnets are not required or 2 notes cannot be controlled. Furthermore, so-called docking extensions with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 magnets are available for selective extensions of the respective basic version.

On organs that have an electric tone control and can be controlled via MIDI, this helpful keypress device can also be supplied without a magnetic attachment. Please ask us about the possibilities and the price, which is significantly less than half the price of the complete device. This equipment is also possible as a fixed tuning aid for reed tuning or for the organ tuner during main tuning.

From version IV (from 2024), the control element with display is controlled by radio via the hand-held transmitter, which then transmits the pulses as single notes, intervals, C or Cs side, thirds etc., including various sequences such as temperament systems. sequences such as temperament systems to the magnets.

With the so-called remote manual, you use a separate manual keyboard (MIDI keyboard) connected to the manual attachment by means of a thin cable, e.g. 50 meters. The MIDI impulses from the separate keyboard are transmitted to the manual attachment from anywhere in the room. This makes it possible to play individual notes and even play the organ in full from anywhere in the room. An optimal support for the voicer to get a self-played picture of the room sound. Various voicers also work directly from the pipework with the remote manual or use a mini keyboard with only 2.5 octaves.

Various accessories allow you to configure the instrument according to your wishes and requirements. We will be happy to make you a favorable offer based on your combination of manual range, key pressure requirements*, operating elements, etc.

As a basic version, we offer you the following combination:

  • 1 pc. Manual attachment "Standard" for 56 keys, key pressure max. 400 p, stroke 9 mm, with control unit incl. step switching electronics (4-channel radio with function selector switch) MIDI-In and MIDI-Out, radio display hand-held transmitter incl. sturdy case
  • Supplement to the remote manual consisting of 1 pc. Remote manual with 5 octaves incl. protective bag with MIDI connection cable incl. power supply for the remote manual, 50 m long on cable reel

Delivery time as soon as possible, normally 2 - 4 weeks. Free delivery in Germany! *Prices for accessories only apply in conjunction with a keypress delivery.

* In practice, it has been shown that the force of the standard version is sufficient when the key plungers are adjusted accordingly to the manual key, and that the advantages, e.g. the lower weight, etc., can be utilized.

The device previously offered for pressing the pedal buttons is no longer available. Since 2019, however, we have been able to offer you a separate single-note pedal depressor as a supplement for tuning work and can be used to a limited extent for voicing work. Please click on Single-note pedal depressor for more information.

Further information can also be found in the pdf file below.

Please also note the possibilities of our other key pushers mainly for tuning work such as "Key pushers for manual and pedal keyboards" and "Single key pushers for manuals and pedals"

If you are looking for a general overview of our various keyboard presses. Please click on the following link to view our digital catalog.

Info sheet key pushers

Magnetic manual key pushers-4.pdf

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
*Extension standard device for plug-in by 4 from 54 to 58 keys
TD Erw.Std.4
415,00 €
493,85 €
*Extension standard device for plug-in by 7 from 54 to 61 keys
TD Erw.Std.7
520,00 €
618,80 €
*MIDI connection cable 50 m on drum with sep. 9 V power supply for external device
285,00 €
339,15 €
Surcharge for version with strong magnets (max. 700p, 13mm stroke)
TD AP Stark
520,00 €
618,80 €
Key pusher/remote manual Basic Standard for 56 keys incl. 50 m cable, keyboard, radio and case
TD FM Basic
6.250,00 €
7.437,50 €
Key pusher without remote manual Basic Standard for 56 keys incl. radio and case
TD Basic
5.630,00 €
6.699,70 €
Key pusher standard for 54 keys incl. radio and case
TD Stand. 54
5.610,00 €
6.675,90 €
*Extension of standard device for plug-in by 2 from e.g. 54 to 56 keys
TD Erw.Std.2
295,00 €
351,05 €
*Extension standard device for plug-in by 5 from 56 to 61 keys
TD Erw.Std.5
410,00 €
487,90 €