Foldable standing heating panel

Ideal to complement our heat screen made of oak, which warms especially the back of the organist by the infrared heating rays.

In each case following the oak heat screen standing centrally behind the back, you can achieve a lateral "enclosure" with one such standing heating panel each and thus also create a heat source in the foot area at the side and in the loin area. Due to the mobility of the panel elements, lateral access to the organ bench is also possible.

With a height of approx. 96 cm, this also protrudes approx. 35 cm above the organ bench seat area and additionally warms the sensitive lumbar region. Also a lateral possibly draught is stopped by the panel and emits particularly in the lateral foot range likewise warming infrared rays. If the entire heating panel is placed directly behind the organ bench in a line, the fabric panel can heat mainly the foot area and only the pelvic area of the seated organist. If you let this unit start about 30 cm above the floor first, the complete back area up to the shoulders will also be reached by the infrared heating rays. Such surface infrared heaters are most effective when they are placed as close to the body as possible. Damage to wood or even clothing is impossible, since the panels primarily emit infrared heat rays and themselves become max. 60° C hot.

The heating elements are divided into the 4 individual areas and applied to thin plates. All around the panel is covered with insensitive gray upholstery fabric. Unlike our dark infrared heating panels, which are also used in the oak heat screen, this panel is not heat-insulated on the side facing away from the player.

Electrical connection via EU plug 230 V and attached switching element for 3 heat levels. Power consumption at full power 400 watts.

Dimension unfolded approx. 156 x 96 cm and only approx. 10 mm thick. The 4 segments can be folded as desired.

This fabric heating panel is a good and inexpensive way to provide direct heat to the organist. Further good as a supplement especially for the lateral demarcation of the organist's place. The fabric panel can be folded for storage during the non-heating period.


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Foldable standing heating panel 230 V
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