Warm glue - hide glue

Due to its elasticity, this warm glue/skin glue is particularly suitable for bondings which require a certain flexibility after drying. This warm glue is suitable for leather work in organ building especially for bonding leather to leather. If the hardness of the glue is technically exploited, bonding should be done with bone glue.

Since warm glues are not resistant to heat and humidity, it is possible to solve the bonding by means of heat and humidity. For the preparation of the glue we recommend our warm glue stoves from cat. No. 209.

Packed in 1kg bags as granules for pre-swelling.

If you wish to preserve your warm glue against mold, you can use our warm glue preservative for this purpose.

Instructions for use

Warm glue instructions for use 01.pdf

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Warm glue - hide glue 1-kg bag as granules
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