Surface heating panels

For a pleasant infrared radiant heat at the organist's seat, we offer you so-called surface heating panels.

Used in the immediate vicinity of the organist, these act like the sun and heat the body directly and not the surrounding air. The more "suns" you gather around you as surfaces, the higher the heat radiation that hits you.

With the low power consumption of 150 watts, surface temperatures of up to 60 - 80° C are achieved, depending on the ambient temperature. It is safe to touch the heating surface for a short time. A distance of 10 - 20 cm from the body is ideal. See our test measurement results, which you can find below as a pdf file.

We therefore recommend using it first behind the organ bench at the back of the organist and under the pedal piano. Weighing only approx. 1000 g and 22 mm thick, these are stable under the pedal keys or are otherwise installed in a suitable position. These plates can also be reversibly attached and removed during the non-heating period. Please also note that our plates have a flexible thin separating layer behind the heating surface. Furthermore, a temperature limiter is installed for safety. Woods that have at least a minimum distance will become warm, but cannot be damaged.

The size 600 x 300 mm (150 watts) is available as a 22 mm thick panel. The electrical connection is made via a permanently installed flexible cable at least 2.5 m long and a standard plug for 230 V sockets.

The 600 x 300 mm plate is primarily suitable for use under the pedal keys, especially with pedal keyboards that offer little space between the crossbar and the keys. If necessary, the 15 mm thick wooden panel on the back of this panel without frame can be thinned out a little where the crossbar is. It is also possible to use 2 panels next to each other next to the crossbar.

The plate is also well suited for use on a larger support plate manufactured by a specialist to match the surroundings, as the heating plate can also be supplied without our support plate of the same size. In this case, however, it must be ensured that the support plate is suitable in terms of stability and appearance. You can find a finished product from us under "Standing infrared heating panel". The separating layer on the back is covered with a strong self-adhesive film and can therefore be permanently glued to a smooth surface and only protrudes approx. 7 mm from it.

If several panel heating elements are used on a play area, they can be bundled into a single connection via a socket strip that is as visible as possible. However, the relevant electrical regulations must be observed. A safety distance of 20 mm between the heating surface and other objects is advisable. If this distance must be permanently maintained, thermal insulation is advisable. Normally there is no risk of fire. Electrical temperature limiters are installed for safety. Nevertheless, these heating plates must not be operated unattended. Please take appropriate safety measures on site, such as an extra switch, timer or total shutdown together with the electrical connection for the organ. A timer socket is also available as an accessory. Please click on the product name for more information.

We also offer a heating screen for free-standing installation behind the organ bench and the foldableupright heating panel to supplement a so-called enclosure. Please click on the colored term to find out more.

Delivery only via specialist dealers!

As an interested party and user, please note that this special heating system requires a certain amount of purchasing advice from organ builders. Please also note that delivery and installation will incur additional costs.

We grant specialist dealers a standard discount on the prices shown below. However, this is only a compensation for the procurement costs. Installation is charged by the specialist companies on a time and material basis.

We will be happy to provide specialist organ builders with further information!

Our previous infrared heating panels in 2 sizes and some with wooden frames are no longer available. We recommend this new panel as a replacement.


Test results

Findings on the infrared heating panels as organist's seat heating.pdf

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Surface heating plate 600 x 300 mm 150 Watt mounted on plate
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