LED light rail 530 mm long

This filigree LED light rail with a length of 530 mm, is ideal as a screw-on complete light or also as a replacement module for our former 13 watt neon music stand lights with aperture tube diameter of 35 mm. The small rail with opal light surface with a width of only 17 mm and a height of only 8 mm provides a light output comparable to a 13 watt neon tube or our LED light strips 50 cm long.

Ideal in organ building to illuminate the pedal playing area.

This light bar can either be installed incl. power supply or attached to the power supply of our LED music stand lights. Delivery complete or without power supply only with 100 cm connection cable for power supply of the Weiblen LED music stand light.

The aluminum light base can either be attached with attachable clips or the aluminum base is provided with a small screw hole at each end and screwed on directly.

As a user of this light, please note that our lighting technology requires a certain amount of installation work by a specialist. To the specialized trade we grant a usual discount on the prices shown below, which compensates however only the procurement costs and not the work expenditure of the installation.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Connection cable power supply to light strip 50 cm long with round plug
3,80 €
4,52 €
LED light tube semicircular 540 mm only with 100 cm connection cable without power supply etc.
61,20 €
72,83 €
Power supply 100 - 240 V to 24 V DC (1 Amp.) up to 4 single lines with power plug cable
19,80 €
23,56 €