Temperature controlled soldering iron

Temperature-controlled soldering irons are ideal for interrupted soldering work such as beards, adhesives, soldering on lids. The controller always keeps the soldering tip temperature constant for you. Time-consuming cooling of the soldering tip to the material-dependent temperature is eliminated. If the soldering piece cools down during soldering, the controller immediately reheats to the set temperature and maintains it. This saves time and nerves!

The Ersa controller, whose measuring sensor is plugged into your existing soldering iron and its soldering piece by means of a small 3 mm hole. The measuring sensor cable runs parallel to the power cable of the soldering iron. The advantage of this variant is the flexible use on different soldering irons you have.

Connection 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Control range 50 - 600° C
Connection sep. probe cable parallel to the connection cable of the soldering iron

A cheaper device, but only for temperatures up to max. 400 ° C can be found by clicking on temperature controller.

If you are looking for a general overview of soldering irons and controllers, please click on the following link Metal Pipe Construction in our digital catalog.

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Temperature control ERSA with external temperature sensor
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