Thread rolling machine

The thread rolling machine from Markthaler for professional coarse regulating threads. The well-engineered, very stable machine is designed for workshop use. Regulating threads from diameter 1.5 - max. 2.2 mm can be rolled on brass and aluminum wire and in exceptional cases on soft iron wire* quickly and with the highest precision. Despite high rolling pressure, the motion sequence is smooth thanks to the ball-bearing profile jaw bearings.

The threads can be placed at any point on the wire. The rolling process results in a larger thread outer diameter, which means that the nuts can also be pushed over the smooth wire to the thread and grip it well.

The super sharp thread guarantees optimal hold for leather, plastic or wooden nuts. In the picture below you can see a threaded wire made with the thread rolling machine. Above, a good result of the ring clamp.

*with high-strength jaws "Platinum" (special equipment) a processing of soft stainless steel wire is possible. Unfortunately, stainless steel cannot be rolled as well as brass, so losses in thread quality must be expected.

If you are interested, we will be pleased to send you further information or a sample thread wire.

Thread length in one operation depending on jaw width like 20 or 35 mm. However, the thread can be applied without any problems.
Thread pitch 0,7 mm for all diameters
Thread outside 0,4 mm larger than wire
Wire thicknesses D= 1.5 to 2.2 mm
Wire material do not use hard metals
Jaw guide precise, smooth-running ball guides
threaded jaws available widths 20 and 35 mm with
standard right-hand threads. Left-hand thread on request.

Scope of delivery: complete machine with standard pair of dies in 35 mm width, length stop and maintenance accessories packed for transport.

Delivery time due to order production currently min. 6 months!

We will be pleased to give you a current price on the basis of a quotation. The machine price ranges from 6.300,-- to 7.500,-- Euro without VAT, depending on the possibility of simultaneous production of several machines.

Possibly a used machine is also available. These high-quality machines are still fully functional after more than 20 years. Please ask us or we will gladly accept sales offers from rolling machine owners.

Are you looking for a general overview of different machines for the production of thread wires? If you are looking for an overview of different machines for the production of threadwires, please click on the following link to our digital catalog.

GWMachine 02.pdf

Instruction manual

BA Thread Rolling Machine.pdf

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
"Platinum" thread rolling dies 35 mm wide - Pair -
735,00 €
874,65 €
Thread rolling dies standard 35 mm wide - pair -
620,00 €
737,80 €
Thread rolling machine GW5 "System Markthaler" with 35 mm standard jaws without delivery
6.500,00 €
7.735,00 €