VacuPress table membrane press DIY

You are looking for a table membrane press? We have taken the do-it-yourself kit we offered so far out of our program again. We recommend either the purchase of a ready-made device such as the table membrane press from Global or other manufacturers or the significantly cheaper variant with the vacuum bags offered by us.

Please let us explain our decision a little bit here: In vacuum presses, the most important function is an absolutely tight pressing chamber. The discovery of this vacuum press technology goes back to the use with vacuum bags. These are tight in themselves except on max. 2 narrow sides and the closing of these narrow sides is done in the VacuPress system with so-called C-seals, which enable an optimal tightness in a fast way. The widespread use of this vacuum pressing technology, especially in Europe, resulted in users being annoyed by the somewhat awkward loading of the bags with molded parts that are usually only slightly curved. The idea of so-called table membrane presses with only one-sided membrane was born, with the consequence that the leakage of the system through the many openings, especially of the upper frame on the table, posed a greater problem. Furthermore, it turned out that the wooden table top was not absolutely leak-proof. Today, corresponding manufacturers such as Global have got to grips with this problem by means of appropriate sealing systems and table tops. So-called do-it-yourself construction usually does not meet these requirements and we therefore recommend either the purchase of a ready-made table membrane press or, if you want to get in at a lower price, the purchase of a bag system, which is now also available with asealed zipper with very convenient accessibility, similar to a table membrane press. For the processing of rather flat pressed parts you can put the so-called table plate into the bag and you will not have any problems concerning the tightness. Furthermore, you have a system that you can always use for large curved moldings such as counter fronts.

Here are our links to the corresponding systems:

Vacuum bags with vacuum pump Vacuum bags only Vacuum bags with zipper

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