ALK branding iron

An ALK branding iron always consists of an electric heater with 230 V power connection. Available in different. Power from 80 - 800 watts depending on the size of the branding iron.

The burning plates are available in different sizes. Sizes in rectangular, round or square form unengraved available. Please note that the firing plates used by ALK are not suitable for use on and around food.

They can also be engraved according to your specifications and artwork.

Please give us your desired firing plate size and shape. The size of the required heating device will then be based on this. If you would like an engraving, please send us a template and we will check the possibilities and give you the best price.

Furthermore, we also have firing plates with dovetail grooves to accept interchangeable brass types with standard lettering or special engravings. Please tell us the desired font height, number of types, 1,2,3 lines. We will then submit you an offer.

To avoid overheating of the heater during waiting periods between firing cycles, we recommend the use of the temperature controller up to max. 400°C. For more information about this controller, please click on the colored term and you will be redirected to this product.

Price examples without guarantee:

  • Branding iron with firing plate 50 x 25 mm 200 W without engraving approx. 120 Euro incl. VAT.
  • Branding iron with single grav. engravingplate 30 x 16 mm 125 W approx. 200 Euro incl. VAT. Engraving standard script single line height max. 15 mm, length max. 25 mm like JRL. Order possibility see below. Please specify your 3 desired letters when ordering. <br/>For all other wishes, please create a template with a word processing program and the font Arial. We will then provide you with a quote.
  • Branding iron with interchangeable types 300 W character height 10 mm single line up to 100 mm plate length with 10 types approx. 280 Euro incl. VAT.
  • Branding ironlarge with unengraved plate 105 x 80 mm 800 W approx. 350 Euro incl. VAT.

We would be pleased to make you an offer for your branding iron. Please send us an e-mail with the corresponding information.

Alternative for larger signets If you want to burn with the branding iron e.g. a larger writing, emblem or signet etc. only a few times on a wooden plate, we recommend our service with the laser burner. From line drawings or text files, which can be read electronically, a graphic can be burned on in a simple way. The production of an individual large burning plate is usually much more expensive.

More info about laser burning by clicking on laser cutting technology.

Examples of laser burning in wood

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Engraving electr. branding iron 125 W single line standard font font height max. 15 mm 3 capital letters
186,80 €
222,29 €