Leica DISTO D810 special laser measuring instrument

Leica DISTO D810, still the most versatile laser distance meter in the world!

Leica has focused even more on the needs in the field and has integrated the measurement problems in the outdoor area and all the auxiliary options necessary in professional measurement in this device. Also, the touch screen operation is the first of its kind in the world. Another revolutionary feature is the determination of distances in a photo taken with the D810.

Taking measurements is made much easier by a digital pointfinder in the form of a camera with 4x magnification on the high-resolution color display. This allows you to reliably determine distant measurement targets by the image on the display, even in bright sunlight without the aid of a target plate. The possibility of measuring the length within the photo captured by the camera makes it even easier to quickly take measurements. The construction site photos can be pulled by means of the USB interface directly on the PC and be worked on there further.

Furthermore, the device has a built-in precise 360° tilt sensor, which also shows you the exact number of degrees on the display. So real horizontal distances and various indirect height measurements are easily possible, even e.g. the height measurement of a tree although there are no reflection points or the determination of ridge lengths and roof lengths of pitched roofs for the installation of photovoltaics.

The integrated BLUETOOT technology for wireless and error-free transfer of measurement results to Pocket PCs or laptops allows you to process the data quickly via Excel, Word or AutoCad. The scope of delivery also includes a free app "Leica DISTO sketch".

Furthermore, the device is now powered by a Li-Ion battery, which allows up to 4000 measurements.

A perfect measuring helper for measuring tasks that would often only be possible with additional helpers due to large distances, poorly visible end points, inaccessibility, data transfer to lists/PC, etc.

Measuring range from 5 cm to 200 m with typ. Accuracy of +/- 1.0 mm, digital target search and overview camera, camera function with USB download, measurement function via camera image, precise 360° tilt sensor, Smart Horizontal Mode, height tracking, compass, Bluetooth Smart, free app - Leica Disto sketch,

Delivery includes device bag, wrist strap, battery with charger, calibration certificate, user manual, transfer software, etc.

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