Insulation drill

This so-called insulation hole saw is similar to a drill bit, but with serrated edges similar to a bread knife.

This innovation enables the optimal production of clean holes in soft insulation materials such as soft fiber boards made of wood, Styrofoam, mineral wool, PU foam, etc. Compared to the pipe drills with saw teeth, this drill bit cuts like a knife. There is no loss of material and the drill edges are sharp and clean. The cut-out can also be used again to close a revision hole or in case of incorrect drilling.

There are different standard diameters available:

D= 35 mm e. g. for wall lights junction boxes D= 65 mm e. g. for facade plugs D= 68 mm e. g. for cavity wall boxes, appliance boxes D= 74 mm e. g. for fire protection appliance boxes D= 106,5 mm e. g. for blow-in opening thermal insulation D= 121 mm e. g. for fire protection halogen lamp housings

The cutting depth is always 105 mm.

For all insulation drills you can use the same shaft.

Please order these in addition to the insulation drill bit several times or once for use in different diameters.

Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Insulation drill bit D=35 mm without ejector/shank
DSB 35
57,50 €
68,43 €
Insulation drill bit D=65 mm without ejector/shank
DSB 65
79,90 €
95,08 €
Insulation drill bit D=68 mm without ejector/shank
DSB 68
89,90 €
106,98 €
Insulation drill bit D=74 mm without ejector/shank
DSB 74
99,80 €
118,76 €
Insulation drill bit D=106.5 mm without ejector/shank
DSB 106
148,90 €
177,19 €
Insulation drill bit D=121 mm without ejector/shank
DSB 121
159,90 €
190,28 €
Shank for insulation drill bit
19,90 €
23,68 €