PARAT shell cases for various applications

We offer different sizes at special prices while stocks last. Compare yourself and choose according to your needs.

Parat special editioncase Ltd. Ed. 2017 at special price A lot of quality and space for little money - this offers again the Parat special edition case 2017. Black ABS case shells with proven aluminum double frame and the large internal dimensions 470 x 360 x 200 mm and a 88 mm high divisible bottom tray with cover. The case is equipped with a tool board with 25 insertable compartments and the cover plate of the bottom tray with CP-7 tool holders (freely divisible brush holder) for tools up to 26 mm and a document compartment in the cover tray. Tilt number locks prevent unauthorized access. A shell case for medium-heavy applications (30kg), super optics and good equipment in proven Parat quality at a favorable special price until the end of 2017 as a thank-you price, while stocks last. More info about this case below as pdf info sheet for download.

Classic shell case with wheels The Parat Classic No. 481.000.171 is available with attached wheels and telescopic extension and approx. 30 mm higher bottom shell. The outer size 470 x 360 mm x 210 mm depth with bottom tray (88 mm), cover plate with 15 sewn-in compartments, tool board with 25 and another one with 10 compartments and clamp compartment can be filled up to 40 kg and is thus mostly nevertheless much easier to transport on wheels and easier on the back. The 4-fold telescopic extension is still variable from 950 to 1150 mm, the large well-mounted and rubberized rollers have a wide wheelbase and make the unit therefore tilt stable. Light parts can be transported laid on the case and the extended handle along. An ideal assembly tool case for quick change operations, so that you are always "ready" for your job. Design like all Classic cases in X-ABS plastic, black, airworthy.

KING-SIZE-PLUS Wheeled Suitcase The largest of the shell cases with wheels and 4-way extendable extra-wide handle drawbar, which can be additionally loaded with additional bags or suitcases. Robust, airworthy case shells made of highly break-resistant black X-ABS, loadable up to 40 kg with double aluminum frame. Latching hinges with case lid lock, heavy-duty tool panels with slip-in compartments. King-size dimensions 575 x 220 x 420 mm, i.e. 105 mm longer, 60 mm wider and 10 mm deeper than the above wheeled case. 2 tool boards with 31 and 12 compartments respectively, bottom tray with dividable compartments and cover plate with 19 compartments, document compartment in lid etc. Empty weight approx. 9200 g. Parat Art. No. 489.600-171.

Below on the page you will also find corresponding brochures in pdf format to click on. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Further information about the King-Size-Plus can be found on the manufacturers website at

If you do not want to store your tools in a rolling tool box and still want to transport other material boxes quickly at the place of use, we recommend the Fetra Paketroller. Please clickhere.

Parat shell case special edition 17


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