Solid wood ladder with 8.5 cm wide flat steps for comfortable standing in front of bookshelves, ascents to attic rooms, loft beds, etc.

Stiles 85 x min. 20 mm made of softwood glued in length, steps flat 85 x 18 mm made of solid beech with tread grooves. Outer width of the ladder 40 cm. Tread height approx. 23 cm. The angle of attack is approx. 70 degrees. Max. Step load 100 kg. Weight approx. 1 kg per number of steps. The steps have a positive dovetail connection to the stile. Untreated raw wood, sanded surface suitable for various finishes. Suitable for various finishes. Ladder must be fixed at the top or secured with hooks to prevent slipping.

Suppliedassembled with foot capsand small mounting brackets. For hanging we recommend suitable hooks inround design or for wide beams the plastic coatedsteel hooks with 50 or 100 mm hook depth. You will find these listed as separate items.

Please note:Thesturdy ladder railsassembled in length result in a somewhat uneven appearance. Therefore we recommend an opaque color treatment. If you want such a ladder made of high quality pine wood in carpenter quality, then we recommend theSLP step ladder.

Available in the following sizes and dimensions:



Stile length max. vertical height
SL-08 8 approx. 2,01 m 1,84 m
SL-09 9 approx. 2,26 m 2,07 m
SL-10 10 approx. 2,51 m 2,31 m
SL-12 12 approx. 3,01 m 2,78 m

For questions about setting heights etc.please open the technical drawing below.

The price includes packing costs. Transport from 130 Euro value of goods free domestically. Delivery only possible within Germany. If you buy at least 4 stepladders you get a discount of 10%, if you buy at least 6 stepladders you get a discount of 20%.

Note for new customers:Delivery only possibleagainst prepayment! Note for delivery:Please specify your phone number when ordering, so that the delivering shipping company can possibly reach you by phone in advance.Delivery abroad is not possible with this article!

Delivery time is currently 1 - 2 weeks from receipt of payment.

Our folding stool made of solid wood is recommended as a climbing and standing aid in the living area or in organ building for tuning service.


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Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Step ladder SL-12 max. lowering height 2.78 m
185,50 €
220,75 €
Step ladder SL-10 max. lowering height 2,31 m
148,50 €
176,72 €
Step ladder SL-08 max. lowering height 1,84 m
129,50 €
154,11 €