Warm glue preservation

The preservative is added in drop form to the liquid hotmelt and prevents bacterial and mold-induced decay of protein glues. Thus, the warm glue is protected against mold attack.

Application: Liquefy warm glue by heating, if necessary dilute with water to the desired viscosity. Now add 25 drops (=1 ml) of glue preservative per 100 ml of glue and stir well. The glue can now be used as usual.

The pot preservation (i.e. the preservation of the glue remaining in the glue pot after use) is given at approx. 15 heatings per month for approx. 3 months. If the glue is still to be used after this period, it can be refreshed by adding new quantities as indicated.

The preservatives used are erproble and harmless to health for the intended application according to UmAnLab.

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Instructions for use

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