2 x cases with each 2 sturdy hinged trestles

These pairs of trestles for changing uses are optimally transportable due to the case shape. Basis for flexible work surfaces in the company or for assemblies.

The double folding feet made of aluminum are stowed in the respective support part made of high-quality plastic. The two single trestles are connected by simple folding fasteners at the front sides to a transport case with carrying handle. With a net weight of just under 9 kg and the minimum external dimensions of 102 x 20 x 12 cm, this pair of trestles fits into any assembly vehicle and becomes an invaluable helper on site.

Unfolded with a working height of 78 cm and a storage area of 98 x 11 cm, these can serve as a work table frame or even be used in conjunction with a sturdy plate as a wide work platform for work up to a height of 3 meters.

The stability of these trestles is in no way inferior to other trestles made of wood or metal. The pair can bear a total load of up to 340 kg.

A work aid that you should not do without!

Not a stock item, so please allow for a slightly longer delivery time.Please note that we deliver this pair of trestles only in a double pack!

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